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                 From June, 30th – July, 2nd 11 CBX 550 friends with 8 CBX 550 met

                                  in Greifenstein /Rodenroht for the CBX 550 Meeting 2006.

  The Meeting of the CBX 550 friends was during the 5-Years-Anniversary of the Bol d´Or Club Germany.

First I want to thank the Bol d´Or Club and Henry, the president of the club, for the assimilation and the great programm that was offered.

 Thank you very much!

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At the arrival  in Greifenstein of Gerd and Dieter: Suprise !! One CBX 550 was yet there! Thomas Hildebrand has arrive on Thursday. After we built up our tents we started to take about our beautiful CBX 550!!

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Then Holger Pankau with the longest journey (450km) and Christian Schöler from the Netherlands arrived.


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One man I have to mention specially: Our CBX 550 Friends member Wendo, who arrive at Thursday in Greifenstein and reserved good places at the campground for us.

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Time flies... because of the entertainment our friends from the Bol d`Or Club had organized. The Live Band Six Days Later was great!

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With campfire and talkl about petrol with the „Bollefreunden“ we died out the first evening and the early morning till 2 o’clock a.m.

On Saturday after breakfast we started with our ride roundabout Greifenstein. Klaus Fachinger arrives early enough to join us.

We made a stopp an a bathing pond to take a refreshing jump in the water or just a little chat with eachother.

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Ongoing we had lunch.

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After the lunch I hurried back to Greifenstein. I don’t want to miss the general meeting of the “Bolle” club

I’m also a CB 900 driver and member in the club.

In Greifenstein Frank und Petra, who arrived during we were away, had been waiting for me.


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The cosily part began:  Cosy get-toghether at the evening. To cheer up the mood Gerd spend a bottle of brandy, the live band started to play and with the darkness the atmosphere gets cheerful. But it could also heve been the brandy that was even half drunken…

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About 10:00 p.m. the CBX 550 friends get a suprise fromn the Bol d`Or Club: after the award for their most beautiful Bol d`Or´s, Henry, the presidenten, handed over a cup for the biggest no- Bol d`Or-driving-group on the meeting. We had been really surprised and we are proud about this honor.

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Unfortunatelly three days go by very fast so that we decieded :  In 2007 there will be another Meeting an the Edersee ( Best regards in advance to Frank and Petra, who want to organise the place ) Although for 2008 the place of the Meeting is fixed: it will be in Erfurt.

   After one year CBX 550 Friends I can take the resume: It also works without any club or statute.


   Best regards


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